TreeHouse! Bio:

Somewhere between the Caribbean Sea and California coastline, the rare merging of influences on the beaches of the Carolinas brought forth a unique style in the sounds of TreeHouse! This American Reggae Fusion act is a nationally acclaimed musical force founded by singer-songwriter, Jeremy Anderson (aka Positive J) who performs lead vocals, guitar, trumpet, and melodica live on stage, while also arranging and recording horn lines, keys, bass, and percussion on current and previous releases. In 2020, as the industry shut down and full band touring became unfeasible, Anderson took the reigns of the project as a solo looping artist while he traveled out into the world for new inspiration, wrote a slew of new songs on the road, and has now brought that energy back into the studio, where he is currently working on the next TreeHouse! release in its new form. 

"They played as if they were headlining Coachella..." - New York Music Daily

Throughout the years, TreeHouse! has had collaborative releases with up and coming artists in the genre including Mellodose, Sun-Dried Vibes, Oogee Wawa, Austin Grimm of Roots of a Rebellion, James Begin of Tropidelic, Nick Sefakis of Iya Terra, and Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth, while teaming up on shows with musical inspirations like Steel Pulse, 311, Michael Franti, Matisyahu, The Wailers, Dirty Heads, Pepper, Stick Figure, and SOJA.

The TreeHouse! single, "Blessings" was picked by Stephen Marley and Ky-Mani Marley as one of the top 10 songs out of hundreds of contestants in the Marley's Music Uprising, because they felt this song exemplified the spirit of Bob Marley. 

Jeremy Anderson plans to continue on this musical life journey while continually evolving the approach. At every step, there is magic.


Jeremy Anderson (2010-Present) - Founding Member, Singer, Guitarist, Trumpeteer, Songwriter, Co-Manager, CEO - 

Jeremy Anderson (aka “Positive J”) was given the nickname “TreeHouse” at the age of 16, and among his inner circle of friends, it just stuck. He started performing just as “Jeremy Anderson & Friends” until he began writing his own original songs and wanted to record an album and re-brand. His longtime friend Matt Link, who was performing bass guitar with the project at the time, suggested he call it “TreeHouse” and after yelling it enough on the mic, the group added the "!" to the name that is now trademarked and thoroughly established as “TreeHouse!” As the singer-songwriter, Anderson has been at the core of every transition and iteration of TreeHouse!, from the original 3-piece, to the addition of keys and saxophone, through the lineup changes, as an acoustic duo and a solo looping artist, and he will continue as TreeHouse! in every form and with every opportunity. Jeremy and his fiancé Danielle live in an RV named HaRVey (much thanks to our sponsor Recreation USA), usually based in Myrtle Beach SC, but they love to get out and travel! Positive J spends his days performing solo shows and full band shows while hopping around to different recording studios to work on new releases.


Jason Hazinski (2014-Present) - Saxophone

Jason Hazinski fell in love with TreeHouse! when they opened a show in Raleigh 2014, and he immediately offered his services on saxophone, quickly becoming an integral sound in the TreeHouse! catalog. Now based in Asheville NC, Jason always hops in sporadically on any show he can make. (This guy also has the best attitude!) You can catch Jason outside of TreeHouse! shows with his own band in Asheville - Chalwa.


Russell Nygaard (2022-Present) - Drums/Percussion

Rusty is based in Virginia Beach VA where he is an active member in the mid-Atlantic music scene and a scholar in roots and world rhythms.


John Bowling (2022-Present) - Keys

John Bowling is based in Charleston SC and is all about the vibe. As the original keyboardist for The Movement, he was part of a foundational influence on TreeHouse! from the beginning.


Mike Root (2023-Present) - Keys

Mike Root is based in Charleston SC, and is a keyboardist for many projects, local and national, as he has toured the country with Sensi Trails, Signal Fire, and now TreeHouse! as well as his Charleston project, Operation Irie.


Nick Thompson (2023-Present) - Bass Guitar

Nick Thompson has been a longtime friend, roommate and supporter of TreeHouse! so much so that, while he has always been a musician, he actually picked up bass guitar and learned the entire TreeHouse! catalog just to help the band keep rolling. And given all this, he is rocking the low end, all the while still fronting his two other wildly differing projects - Hit The Lights & Thief Club.


Trey Moody (2010-2021) - Drums

Trey Moody is a left-handed pocket drummer, graphic designer and an alternative visionary artist. Trey either designed or arranged most of the TreeHouse! visuals, graphics and logos. Moody now spends his days enjoying all the traditional life aspects that touring often makes us sacrifice: time with our loved ones, regular work hours and payment schedule, and opportunity to explore other passions, like Trey's current 3D printing project - TreeFace Creations.


Matt Link (2010-2017) - Bass Guitar

Matt Link is the man responsible for most of the iconic, melodic bass lines across much of the TreeHouse! music catalog. One of the most congenial people in the music scene and always one of the TreeHouseCrew's closest friends, Matt Link is presently bassist for The Elovaters.


Joe Harley (2014-2021) - Keys

Joe Harley is a keyboard wizard and synthesizer extraordinaire. 


Shane Violette (2021-2022) - Bass Guitar

Shane Violette took the helm on bass guitar for TreeHouse! while also quickly becoming the band's main live sound tech and recording engineer. Shane relocated to Myrtle Beach from Massachusetts in 2021 and also brought down his longtime recording studio - LOUD HOUSE AUDIO. Shane had to step back from touring to focus on his studio full time, but he has continued to be the go-to guy for all recent and upcoming TreeHouse! music releases.


Scott Nichols (2017-2018) - Bass Guitar

Scott Nichols is the bassist for NC jam band, ESP - Electric Soul Pandemic, and producer/engineer at Be The Lion Productions based in Knoxville TN.


Chris Hat (2018-2020) - Bass Guitar

Chris Hat is a bassist in many projects, based in Wilmington NC.

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